Thursday, June 30, 2011

The mcWorld Server

On this site you will find information about the server, any updates that are happening and information about new plugins that will be going on the server.

Over on the right you will find the links to the rules, application for the minecraft server, history of the previous posts, and a link to donate. Donators of $10 or more will get VIP access (more commands and access to more plugins).

The server is white-listed so you will need to apply for access (see link on the right side). The server is running BigBrother, FoundDiamonds and LWC to limit griefers. I am new to running a minecraft server, so all plugins and updates will be tested first before the server is updated. In other words don't update minecraft unless you see a note on this blog telling you to do so or else you will not be able to connect to the server. Older inactive accounts will be purged from time to time. Just post the white-list application again.

The server is running a small economy. Most things can be purchased in the town for a high price. If enough people request an item to buy it will be added to one of the stores in town.  You start with $1000 when you join the server and can use the warp points to access the town.

Here is what you can expect from our server:

Economy: Essentials Economy is setup and a town were you can purchase some items. Or you can get the stuff the old fashioned way for free.

Survival-ish Style: Monsters are active and Creepers have been nerfed so you don't have your structures destroyed.

No PvP, yet on the server

Nether: We have a nether portal activated on our server (Will soon be looking into multiverse)

Grief-Proof: Our server is protected by such plugins like BigBrother(with roll backs), LWC, and FoundDiamonds and other administrative-protection plugins, which keep us safe.

Reliable Host: We are hosted 24/7 on a dedicated server by hosting company. Server is located in the United States, providing lag-free experience for players from almost any part of the world.

Tweaked-styled game-play: Warps, home command, mail, nerfed creeper explosions and other plugins to make the gameplay fun. More commands for donators.

The best way is of course to visit our full list of rules, but here are some basic ones:

    No griefing and no stealing.
    Any forms of cheating or bug exploiting is prohibited.
    Respecting each other.
    No begging, no whining or spamming in chat.
    Put a sign on your location/buildings to mark them
    No building to close to others unless you have permission

Stay tuned for further updates and information.

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